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June - 2019

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Pss Gears up for the Shop Rite Sumer Can Can! Proudly servicing 8 major grocery brands to deliver to over 200 stores in the Northeast in 8 days!

National Warehouse Wage hike graph

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Industry News: National Warehouse Wage hike

According to one of the industry leaders in logistic job staffing, ProLogistix, warehouse wages have risen nationally almost 30% in about 3 years. The addition of new and big employers created a scarcity in the labor pool and sparked this meteoric rise, but the increase in the cost of living is why these wage hikes keep coming and are here to stay. Inflation continues to outpace wage growing in many labor sectors and all signs point towards continued increases in wages before it stabilizes.

Now...where did I put that again?

PSS and its partners at Softeon have rolled out a new feature to the outbound staging tool! Order selectors will now be able to more accurately mark order locations in the system so loaders spend less time searching and more time loading.

FedEx Express to Cut Ties with Amazon


FedEx Express to Cut Ties with Amazon

Fedex announced earlier this month that it will not be renewing its service contract with Amazon for Express packages when it ends on 06/30/2019. There is not expected to be any disruption of service and both parties seem to be taking the split amicably. FedEx claims they are going to focus on other opportunities in the ever-growing Ecommerce market. Some are skeptical, however, about their real reasons since they are likely to notice a drop in revenue in a mostly fixed-cost service. Whatever the reason, this will hasten the development of Amazon’s personal logistics network which is still heavily reliant on other 3PLs.

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