Bumble Bee Foods, LLC names PSS Distribution Services as Warehouse of the Year for 2018.

Bumble Bee Foods, LLC names PSS Distribution Services as Warehouse of the Year for 2018

January 28 2019 — Jamesburg, NJ: Bumble Bee Foods, LLC, one of the largest producers of canned tuna, salmon, and other seafoods, names PSS Distribution Services as their Warehouse of the Year for 2018. Since 1992, PSS Distribution has been the largest distribution center for Bumble Bee in North America.

Over the years, PSS Distribution has won numerous awards from Bumble Bee by continuing to provide dedicated warehouse management services as well as transportation and additional value-added services. Although PSS Distribution has broken records before with Bumble Bee, namely winning their Scorecard Content three times in a row, being recognized as the Warehouse of the Year for 2018 is a special honor.

“We have helped Bumble Bee with reliable warehousing solutions for over 2 decades, and it is great to be recognized for our service. As we kick off 2019, we are excited to keep providing premier logistics services to our loyal customers,” said Gary Borne, CEO of PSS Distribution Services.

About PSS Distribution Services

PSS Distribution is the Northeast's premier logistics services provider and a leader in warehousing, storage, transportation, and distribution since 1983. PSS is a third-party distribution services provider that Fortune 500 companies have come to rely on for its expertise in consumer product distribution, reverse logistics, transportation, and packaging services. The company's state-of-the-art warehouse management and road transportation systems offer applications that include EDI, radio frequency and bar-coding, comprehensive inventory control and activity reports, lot code and shelf life management and monitoring, document imaging, product recall programs, and net view internet enabled access.

For more information about PSS Distribution Services award-winning logistics, visit www.pssdistribution.com or call (800) 777-8754.