Kitting Services

Expert Kitting Services Get More from your Third Party Logistics Company

When it comes to securing better product fulfillment and more efficient product shipping, many businesses rely on kitting services in order to get the job done. At PSS Distribution Services, we perform comprehensive kitting service as a value-added option for many customers in a variety of industries. Our sorting and arrangement process is designed to expedite your company’s logistics process while simultaneously improving the presentation of your products.

kitting services

Our kitting services are performed onsite at our Jamesburg, NJ headquarters. Keeping this service in-house allows our team to complete your merchandise arrangement and transport your goods quickly and at a reduced cost to you.

Parachute box

Your business can’t afford to send your products to market without a strong presentation and layout. Let PSS Distribution Services set your product up for success with kitting that is cost-effective, time-efficient, and visually engaging.

When you partner with PSS Distribution Services, you get superior third party logistics support and access to value-add services that strengthen your product’s performance in the market.