Sometimes your business needs cargo to move quickly.

Perhaps you utilize “hub and spoke” arrangements or are looking to consolidate cargo shipments, at PSS Distribution Services, we offer full cross-docking services for our customers to facilitate speedy distribution of cargo. Moving cargo from one vehicle to another with little or no storage time in between streamlines the distribution and warehousing process to get cargo where it needs to be. Our warehouse staff is highly experienced with cross-docking processes and is fully focused on speed and efficiency while maintaining accuracy so your cargo is back on the road and on the way to its destination as quickly as possible.

No matter the expediency or complexity of the cross-docking process, we strive for perfect inventory control and accuracy with our EDI and barcoding systems.

Truck in motion

By utilizing our cross-docking services, your business will be able to:

  • Optimize your available retail or storage space
  • Minimize the costs that come with inventory handling
  • Reduce costs associated with holding cargo
  • Streamline its supply chain operations