Logistics Technology

PSS Distribution invests in the latest technology available for our warehouse, inventory management, and transportation services. Our systems simplify supply chain processes and provides our customers with the most accurate and transparent data. Our state-of-the-art warehouse management and transportation systems offer a suite of fully integrated technologies that maintains the integrity and excellence of our operations.


How our technology works:

  • Fully Integrated System:Every part of our operation is connected via our technology solution
  • Completely Web-Based:Our software requires zero deployment for the customer and can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection
  • Real Time Visibility:With our web based warehouse management system, all warehouse operations are visible in real-time
  • Deep System Functionality:We can accommodate the most stringent of processing requirements due to the deep functional rich system in use

How our technology benefits you:

  • 24x7 Information:You have complete access to your data in real-time, including your inventory, movements, sales, shipments, signed paperwork, etc.
  • Predictable Results:Our solution provides the right guidance and validations which, in turn, greatly reduces human error. Less mistakes translates to better performance, quicker processing times, and cost savings.
  • Fast Customer Setup:Our technology solution allows for fast customer setup, integration, and customized data
  • Cost Effective Modifications:Your requirements may change down the road.Our system is capable of growing and changing with you