PSS Distribution Services Replaces Annual Electricity Consumption With Rooftop Solar Panels

Leading logistics/supply chain management company, PSS Distribution Services, takes warehousing and transportation to a new level of environmental responsibility as its Dayton, NJ headquarters undergoes construction for the installation of solar powered rooftop panels.

Dayton, NJ—February 22, 2011—PSS Distribution Services aims to replace its annual headquarters' electricity consumption with clean energy generated by rooftop solar panels during a six-month project consisting of a 200,000 square foot operation on the roof of the company's Dayton, NJ facility.

The goal of PSS Distribution Services' solar energy project is to replace its annual electricity consumption of 550,000 kWh with clean solar power. Successful completion of the project will be equivalent to eliminating 2 million miles driven in a car per year or preventing the production of 750,000 lbs of carbon dioxide. To accomplish this goal, more than 2,000 230-watt solar panels are currently being installed on a rooftop mounted non-penetrating self-ballasting racking system. The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of April 2011.

The solar panels will utilize power inverters to convert DC power to AC power. Because the building will still be connected to the grid through a Net Meter, the solar panel system will be able to generate more power than the building uses during sunny times, in order to draw that power back during non-sun times.

According to officials at PSS Distribution Services, the company is committed to demonstrating environmental awareness through corporate example because PSS understands its environmental responsibility as a leader in logistics, warehousing and transportation.

"This solar energy project is a big step for PSS in its commitment to environmental awareness," says Gary Borne, President of PSS Distribution Services. "As we proudly make this transition to solar energy, we look forward to dramatically reducing our environmental impact while maintaining high levels of productivity."

About PSS Distribution Services

PSS Distribution Services is the Northeast's premier services provider and a leader in warehousing, storage, transportation and distribution since 1983. PSS is an industry-leading third party distribution services provider whom Fortune 500 companies have come to rely on for their expertise in consumer product distribution, reverse logistics, transportation and packaging services. The company's state-of-the-art Warehouse Management and Road Transportation Systems offer applications that include: EDI, Radio Frequency and Bar-coding, Comprehensive Inventory Control and Activity Reports, Lot Code and Shelf Life Management and Monitoring, Document Imaging, Product Recall Program and our Net View Internet Enabled Access.

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