Warehousing Fulfillment & Distribution for Your Business

With over 25 years of experience, PSS Distribution Services offers secure warehousing for businesses in addition to being a full-service third-party logistics service.

We provide our customers with the most cost-effective, accurate, and predictable 3PL warehousing services to meet your needs, including secure storage for food, groceries, and consumer products.

Secure Public and Contract Warehousing

We strive to achieve perfection when it comes to inventory whatever your storage requirements are. Our barcode scanning technology ensures every piece of inventory that enters our warehouse is accounted for. Successful warehouse distribution relies on the efficient processing and sorting of product from the time it enters the facility to the time it leaves.

Food Grade Warehousing

We specialize in logistics solutions for the grocery, retail, food service and e-commerce distribution channels. Our state-of-the-art warehouses and fully integrated tracking system means you’re always in a position to have the product in stores at all times. Lot code and shelf life management and monitoring allow you to pinpoint problematic cargo should any recall-related issues arise quickly.

Our warehouse staff undergoes comprehensive training so you can be assured your grocery products will be handled under specified food handling guidelines.


We offer full cross-docking services for our customers to facilitate the speedy distribution of cargo. Our team can move cargo from one vehicle to another with little or no storage time in between to streamline the distribution and warehousing process to get cargo where it needs to be.

Our warehouse staff is highly experienced with cross-docking processes and is fully focused on speed and efficiency while maintaining accuracy so your cargo is back on the road and on the way to its destination as quickly as possible. No matter the expediency or complexity of the cross-docking process, we strive for perfect inventory control and accuracy with our EDI and barcoding systems.

What do you need to move and store? We’ve got you covered!

  • Public and Contract Warehousing Services
  • Inventory and Shelf Life Management
  • EDI and Barcoding
  • Dedicated Customer Service Representatives
  • Cross-Docking Programs
  • AIB Audited
  • Grocery and Retail Consolidation
  • US Customs Bonded
  • Reverse Logistics/Return Goods Processing
  • Pick Pack and Fulfillment
  • Rail Siding

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