PSS Announces New Partnerships with Penotti USA and Simco Foods

June 9, 2017 – Jamesburg, NJ: PSS Distribution is proud to announce it is now the East Coast distribution services provider for Penotti USA and the Northeast region distribution services partner for Simco Foods.

While managing these two new distribution services partnerships, PSS will continue to uphold its reputation as a flexible and efficient third-party logistics (3PL) distribution warehouse and service provider.

Based in Los Angeles with warehouses on the East and West coasts, Simco Foods is a national distributor of food, groceries, foodservice products, and industrial ingredients. The company distributes private-label products under brand-name labels as well as its "Stella", "First Harvest", and "Sims" labels.

"Simco has a great position on private-label products through the retail and foodservice sides of the business. Our experience in working with these products and Simco's commitment to excellence makes this a fantastic working partnership," said Gary Borne, President of PSS Distribution Services.

Penotti USA, one of the world's largest providers of chocolate and hazelnut spreads, also chose PSS to be its distribution services provider. Penotti offers an array of chocolate hazelnut and vanilla spreads to consumers as well as chocolate and hazelnut fillings for the industrial market made from premium quality, natural ingredients.

"We're excited to partner with Penotti USA to help transport their products to retailers throughout the U.S. PSS is committed to superior distribution and warehousing to help its clients meet or exceed goals quickly, affordably, and effectively," Gary said.

Both Simco Foods and Pennotti USA are now vital parts of PSS Distribution's Northeast region supply chain.

With PSS Distribution, cargo never sits in a warehouse while the shelves at retail locations remain empty. Drivers transport cargo anywhere it needs to go as part of PSS Distribution's direct store delivery services. Inventory control measures let our customers know the exact quantities of product as well as its location at any particular point in time. Clients have the ability to have their products in stores at all times — a key, often-overlooked differentiator in the industry.

To streamline the entire supply chain process, PSS also offers value-added services like shrink wrapping, cluster packaging, kitting services, display assembly, sequencing, and special pallet modules that enable its partners to get products to retail locations and out onto store floors more easily.

Learn more online about PSS Distribution's new partners Penotti USA and Simco Foods at

About PSS Distribution Services

PSS Distribution is the Northeast's premier logistics services provider and a leader in warehousing, storage, transportation, and distribution since 1983. PSS is a third-party distribution services provider that Fortune 500 companies have come to rely on for its expertise in consumer product distribution, reverse logistics, transportation, and packaging services. The company's state-of-the-art warehouse management and road transportation systems offer applications that include: EDI, radio frequency and bar-coding, comprehensive inventory control and activity reports, lot code and shelf life management and monitoring, document imaging, product recall programs, and net view internet enabled access.

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