PSS Implements Time-Saving Technology for Drivers Arriving for Pickups at Its Facilities

March, 30 2017 – Jamesburg, NJ: PSS Distribution Services installed a new, efficient automatic sign-in process for drivers picking up products at its warehouse facilities. The new driver kiosk check-in system is fully live and operational, so drivers will start saving time immediately.

The automatic sign-in technology speeds up the logistical process of getting drivers into the company's warehouse facilities and back out onto the road. This process makes both the company's operations and the drivers' days more efficient. From start to finish, the kiosk takes drivers three minutes to complete and includes an area for their signature.

The sign-in kiosk, similar to those used in airports, allows arriving drivers to use a reference number provided by PSS to sign in and get their door assignments without needing to speak with a PSS representative.

PSS looks forward to utilizing the time-saving benefit of the automatic login feature for drivers visiting its facilities. The new sign-in technology further solidifies PSS Distribution Services' commitment to providing customers with incredible value and benefit in every service it has to offer. "PSS continues to look internally for tools and methods to improve our efficiencies. With drivers' times at a premium, the automatic login feature will assist us in improving turnaround times at our facilities," said Gary Borne, President of PSS Distribution Services.

Watch the video to see how the driver sign-in kiosk works!
This new driver kiosk feature was created by PSS Distribution Services' Warehouse Management System, which is powered by Softeon.

PSS Distribution Services continues to look internally for tools and methods to improve our efficiencies. With drivers times at a premium, our auto sign-in feature enables PSS to improve turnaround times at our facilities.

About PSS Distribution Services

PSS Distribution is the Northeast's premier logistics services provider and a leader in warehousing, storage, transportation, and distribution since 1983. PSS is a third-party distribution services provider that Fortune 500 companies have come to rely on for its expertise in consumer product distribution, reverse logistics, transportation, and packaging services. The company's state-of-the-art Warehouse Management and Road Transportation Systems offer applications that include: EDI, Radio Frequency and Bar-coding, Comprehensive Inventory Control and Activity Reports, Lot Code and Shelf Life Management and Monitoring, Document Imaging, Product Recall Program, and Net View Internet Enabled Access.

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