PSS Implements Time-Saving Technology for Customers Requiring Repackaging Services

May, 11 2017 – Jamesburg, NJ: PSS Distribution Services now has a Shrink Tech Systems (STS) Machine integrated into its repackaging services, which brings the company further into the future of logistics and distribution. The new machine works for all customers and products with agile flexibility and speed.

The multifaceted STS machine, which has case shrink wrapping and bundling capabilities of 30 to 41 units per minute (UPM), is part of PSS Distribution Services’ value-add operation. The technology enables PSS to significantly increase its productivity for customers and have new flexibility in the value-adds the company offers.

While some older repackaging machines are limited to one primary function and require several adjustments to reset, based on the job and customer, the new STS machine requires the user to program the specifications of a client's specific job only once.

To switch jobs, the machine reconfigures itself based on memory and resets its speed or shrink wrap size for preset client specifications. This enables PSS to eliminate a formerly laborious setup process between each product.

"PSS is always searching for ways to be more more efficient and the STS machine will help us serve clients even better than before. By continuing to invest in efficiency, we’ve enabled ourselves to be more cost-competitive for our customers,” said Gary Borne, President of PSS Distribution Services.

Watch the video to see how the STS machine created by Shrink Tech Systems LLC works!

PSS Distribution Services has the technology its customers need to ensure their merchandise arrives at its destination in perfect condition.

With automated equipment, PSS provides its customers with an array of value-add services that help businesses reconfigure and repackage products directly from inventory. The streamlined, controlled environment and cost-effective solution helps businesses do more with their products.

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